Ray William Johnson Is An Asshole

Finally its Friday!

I am here today to make my first rant on a Youtuber. I realize that this topic has already been covered but I feel that the most awareness brought to this, the better. Image

This is an unaltered series of Tweets made by RayWilliamJohnson. As you can see, someone makes a comment saying “you’re not funny anymore. sorry”. You know, she’s not even being mean. If she said something along the lines of “shut the hell up. no one likes you” then I guess he’d have the right to make a rude comment back. I wouldn’t approve it but it would make more sense. The girl who says this to him is actually being quite mature, and is a teenage girl. Ray, however, who is in his thirties by the way, responds with “That’s ok. You’re still fat.” and later makes tweet to the same person(despite her barely reacting) saying “Oh and you have the face of a guy. Good luck with that.”

Unbelievable. RayWilliamJohnson is a 32 year old, Youtuber and Actor who is watched by millions of people. You’d think a guy like that would be a bit more professional. He insulted a young girl half his age to the fullest extent just because she expressed her opinion like an adult.

Then someone else commented on what he said, saying he was rude and why did he have to insult a fourteen year old when, he, himself is 30(Good Point), Ray said “eat a dick, kid. if you’re gonna dish out insults like an adult then learn to take them like an adult”

Don’t you love how he contradicts himself? He said that she should learn to take insults like an adult, yet he handles the situation the least maturely. The fourteen year old handled it twice as mature as he did. Ray, you definitely can’t take things like an adult. Secondly, anyone noticed that he said “if you’re gonna dish out insults..”? Woah, Ray, I’ll stop you there. Where exactly did she insult you? She said you were rude. How the hell is that insulting? It’s 100% true. And that’s the nicest way of putting it. I can’t say I would’ve been as mature.

I’e never been interested in Ray’s content. But now I know he is a complete asshole who doesn’t deserve to be watched by anybody. Spread the word. By the way, I am aware that this was in 2012. But in my mind, that doesn’t matter. If you look at his newer tweets you’ll see that he is continuing to behave this way.


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